We believe getting home financing should be something to celebrate

Getting a home loan should feel like a high point in our lives, not a permanent headache. Our mission is to simplify the home financing process and make it cheaper for everyone.

How it all started

In 2019, two friends, Jad and Khalid asked the question “Why can’t applying for home financing be simpler?”

The question turned into a quest to develop a product that would digitize and simplify the process of home buying. We are Huspy, a company that is committed to making the home financing process a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Jad Antoun

CEO & Co-Founder, Huspy

We started Huspy with the aim to disrupt one of the largest industries and bring the entire home buying process online. Customers are massively underserved where lack of visibility, poor customer experience, and overpayment are common problems. We want to solve for that.

Khalid Ashmawy

CTO & Co-Founder, Huspy

The team has built tools and systems to leverage technology in a highly operational business to give us the ability to provide customers with the best rates, faster home finance close times and a great digital experience.

Meet the team

We’re here to make sure your home buying journey is smooth sailing, from start to finish.

Got a question?

Our job is to make your life easy so you can focus on making your house a home instead of booking trivial appointments and chasing people on the phone.

We’re backed by
leading investors

We mean business. Otherwise we wouldn’t have partnered with these leading tech investors who have also backed Careem, Property Finder, and Instashop.

Who are we?

We’re a superstar team of engineers, designers and home finance advisors helping to bring Huspy’s vision to life.


Come and say hi

In the area? Our doors are always open. Feel free to stop by for a quick chat.


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